Mapperley Golf Club has been in existence for more than 100 years and has put together a proud history over that period. Golf Club Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Colin Barnett to find out more about how they have been doing lately.


He told us, “I’ve been involved for over twenty years as a member in various rolls, member, committee member, VC, Captain and now marketing director. My first attraction was the location to home but I soon fell in love with the warm, friendlily social side of the club.”

The Role

“Marketing is always a challenge and attracting new members and increasing green fees year on year is always a challenge. The positives are seeing members and visitors going up the drive having enjoyed the experience and leaving with fond memories of the day.”


“Our members are enjoying the warm weather and the great course conditions which have created a buoyant atmosphere within the club. Our strong social side has always created a busy bar and catering facility in the club along with Weddings and Parties at the weekend we always have an active and busy club house.”


“Like all clubs, the start of the year offered many challenges with the weather, but we have worked hard on rearranging functions and society bookings. At long last the upturn in the weather has helped and normality has returned; in fact we are seeing increases in green fees society bookings and bar takings. We have now completed our new swing room which offers year round teaching facilities for our Pro and adds great value for our members.

Plans are to continue generating more business both on and off the course by promoting our facilities. We are upgrading our catering arrangements offering even better value for our members and guests alike.”


“The provision of junior golf and the development of youth is a key element in the growth of any club. ‘Get into Golf’, a project run alongside the English Golf Union has had a positive impact. A project promoting Golf in local schools has offered a promising growth along with running a junior order of merit amongst four local clubs. Juniors offer longevity to all clubs as the demographics of most clubs is increasing.”


“We are most certainly a community club. We work closely with local companies and charities. We host two local Round Tables and offer a meeting point for a retired local Army Regiment. We also run yearly, many charity days, with the most popular being Children in Need. We have raised over £130, 000 for this charity alone. Apart from that many people use our bar and club house on a social basis as a meeting point or place to eat enjoying the views over the Trent valley.”

Get Involved

“If you’d like to get involved, contact us directly and speak with either of our two club professionals or just call in; there’s always someone around to offer advice or answer questions, alternatively you can contact us via our website or social media. You can also book tee times directly on our website should you wish to play our award winning course.”


“One of the biggest challenges for many clubs is nomadic golf. Many clubs have dropped joining fees so making it easy for members to migrate. I think the biggest challenge for our club will be to continue our growth in turnover and keep our profit margins. The next five years may be driven by Brexit and how much disposable income people have. Like all clubs we have to look at diversity and offer the local community what they want.

We plan to increase revenue streams above the inflation rate over the next five years, this includes bar sales, restaurant sales, and green fees. We want to continue our programme of course development to make our members and visitors experience of the Club as good as it can be.

Our other ambitions include to develop the Clubhouse facilities, to improve our practice facilities maximising the space we have available and to become more energy efficient and be as environmentally friendly as we can be.”

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