Disney Lake Buena Vista

Disney Lake Buena Vista Golf Club prides itself on being, “the happiest place on turf”. Golf Club Magazine recently caught up with Alex Forsyth to find out more about what they can offer.


He told us, “I have been at Walt Disney World Golf for almost seven years, since Fall 2011 when Arnold Palmer Golf Management, whose parent company, Century Golf Partners, entered into a 20 year agreement with the Walt Disney World Resort.

The fact that I have the opportunity to represent two of America’s most iconic brand names in Disney and Palmer on a daily basis was attractive enough, but the employee benefits for my family, and the stability of having a 20 year agreement were the icing on the cake.”

What We Offer

“We offer an exceptional and memorable golf experience. Traditional in nature, in-keeping with the connotations of the Palmer brand, but unique in nature because of the Disney theming.

We offer quality instructional programming, junior specific camps and clubs, corporate of charity event services, exclusive Disney themed merchandise, and FootGolf www.golfwdw.com/footgolf Also check out our Player’s Club which is open to the general public.

If you’re interested in getting involved just visit www.golfwdw.com. We are a full service golf facility with quality instructional programming being offered, among many other facilities and services.”


“We have had an extremely productive 1st quarter, 2nd quarter on par with budget expectations, and now we’re under construction for the next couple of months on two of our four courses with a new green being installed upon one of them, and the other brand new bunkers.

We will complete the renovation plans mid-August, and begin preparing for our golf season to commence in October, and last through until May 2019. We are launching a brand New Disney Vacation Club® programme for those that are interested to become ‘Golf Members’. Details to be provided come mid-July.”


“Youth development is extremely important to us! We have a social responsibility here at Walt Disney World to ensure that our next generation grows up loving the game. We are not just a mecca for family fun with four theme parks and two water parks; we hope to be known as a mecca and industry leader for Junior golf in time to come.”


“Our biggest challenge is our own success. Over time as Orlando has blossomed into a worldwide destination, our visitation numbers have increased from around $40 million in the early 2000’s, to last year, almost double that at 72 million, the compaction and utilization of our tee sheets has increased to where now we are required to revenue manage our tee sheets more precisely.

While doing so though, we’ve raised the bar with course conditioning as we’ve continued to renovate and reinvest monies into these properties, at the same time as enhancing the overall guest experience by incorporating into the round of golf, something uniquely Disney, the introduction of the characters, to create a competitive advantage over other local area courses, and our direct competition. This uniquely Disney golf experience can only be found here at Walt Disney World Golf, The Happiest Place on TURF!”


“Our ambitions are to continue down the same path as we charted a course of progress for the next five years with the vision of being the market leader when it comes to resort play here in the Orlando market. Known not only for exceptional guest service, but also quality of conditioning, which is something that the Disney company had struggled somewhat with prior to Arnold Palmer Golf Management taking over these facilities in 2011.”

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