Andy Carter has certainly been busy in recent times with plenty of exciting developments. Andy recently took the time to tell Golf Club Magazine more about what he has been up to.


He told us, “After eighteen months creating videos on YouTube under the name of Carters Golf, I went into a partnership with my long-time friend and set up ImproveMYGOLF. For the past two years ImproveMYGOLF, has been going from strength to strength, with increased popularity across social media and in particular YouTube but from there we have hosted 3-4 golf holidays per year and in November of 2019, we are set to host our 1st ImproveMYGOLF Cup in Dubai in amongst the finale of the DP World Tour Championship at Jumierah Golf Estates. We have some amazing sponsors lined up to make the experience better than anyone could ever imagine.”

About Andy

“Firstly, I am a full time golf coach at the European Tour Performance Institute in Dubai. The academy is based at Jumeirah Golf Estates, home of the DP World Tour Championship so growing the game and creating new golfers is an important part of our weekly routine. The academy coaches complete beginners all the way up through the development process to aspiring tour pros. Balancing this busy coaching schedule alongside fulfilling a lifelong dream of developing a golf brand within an industry we are passionate about is naturally difficult but time management and dedication to our goals is what so far is allowing us to create the right type of balance.”


“2018 has been an absolute dream. Since holidaying in Dubai in 2015 I have been eager to move ever since however only for the right offer and facility. So in January I was offered the opportunity to coach at the European Tour Performance Institute. I get the opportunity to coach golfers from all over the world whom like myself are enjoying the expat lifestyle of Dubai.

The Facility boasts 3 large pitching greens spanning over 200yards, three teaching studios, one custom fit studio, a putting lab and two gyms! The work lifestyle balance is what attracted me to Dubai but also the chance to grow as a person and a coach has been invaluable.”

What Next?

“The remainder of 2018 is set to be extremely exciting. From an ImproveMYGOLF perspective there will be a channel re-launch from October delivering new and informative content based around how golfers should be practicing to maximise their improvement. The channel will also boast a lot of technical content to help eradicate those bad shots that prove most destructive to a scorecard but the exciting content we feel will come from the information given to players who don’t have the time to improve technique so need to maximise their time on improving their scoring and at the European Tour Performance Institute I have the best facility in the world to showcase these ideas.

I am looking forward to my 1st full season at the European Tour Performance institute as I only arrived at the end of the 2017-2018 season. Alongside a busy coaching schedule we also get a lot of European Tour player visits which I’m exceptionally excited about experiencing and watching them practice and play. Since arriving I’ve already had the pleasure of watching and meeting Rafa Ccabrera-Bello,  Justin Rose, Danny Willett, Oliver Fisher and playing with Mikko Ilonen. These experiences are rare as a golf coach and being able to watch and learn from them and their coaches is something I am then able to convey onto my own clients.”

Get Involved

“Golf coaching is extremely fulfilling, to watch a client improve their swing and performance knowing you are the catalyst for that, along with their own desire to practice and listen is very rewarding. If you are a person who loves to interact with people from all walks of life, countries and age ranges then coaching golf is definitely for you. For example the youngest I coach is four years old (as part of the group class!) and the oldest is around 75. The age range is vast, but they all have one common goal – to get better at golf! That’s what makes this job easy to get up for in the morning!”


“The biggest challenge has always been the balance of ImproveMYGOLF to a busy work schedule as a coach but so far I think I have it good, but naturally I want them both to grow as it’s these areas of my work life which will provide stability to my family and keep me loving the sport.

The next five years are pivotal for my own personal development within golf coaching and the growth of ImproveMYGOLF. I will continue to learn and improve as a coach with a view to coaching elite golfers and I would like to see ‘ImproveMYGOLF’ the brand expand its golf trip volume, and move into branding golf academies and growing the sport worldwide.”

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